Brunch & Lunch Cruises

Trip duration: 2 hours
Board from: in consultation
From € 45,00 per person (minimum 30 people)

A 2-hour boat trip on the Maas with your own passenger ship, where an extensive brunch or lunch is served. Drinks during the Brunch & Lunch Cruises are not included in the price of the package and will be charged afterwards according to the prices on our menu. You can also choose one of the drink packages or work with
drink coupons.
During the cruise we pass, among other things, the urban district of Céramique with the striking tower of the Bonnefantenmuseum, the Government Building (where the Maastricht Treaty was signed) and the gentle slopes of the Sint-Pietersberg.



Seasonal soup


Scrambled eggs
Various types of meats
Poached salmon
Various cheeses
Mini croissants
Mixed sandwiches
Rustic breads and butter

Number of personsPrice p.p
30-49 persons€ 55,00 p.p.
50-74 persons€ 52,00 p.p.
75-99 persons€ 50,00 p.p.
100-149 persons€ 47,00 p.p.
150 and more€ 46,00 p.p.



Lunchbuffet Captains Class

Seasonal soup

Homemade meatloaf with Liège mustard
Various types of meats
Smoked trout and Norwegian shrimp with cocktail sauce
Young matured cheese
Green salade
Potato salad
Assortment of mini sandwiches
Rustic breads and butter

Number of personsPrice p.p.
30-49 persons€ 54,00 p.p.
50-74 persons€ 50,00 p.p
75-99 persons€ 48,00 p.p
100-149 persons€ 47,00 p.p
150 and more€ 45,00 p.p



Lunchmenu Royal Class

Zucchini cream soup with salmon chips


Warm ham on the bone with a Limburg mustard sauce
Roast beef and Ardennes ham
Young mature cheese and Belgian abbey cheese
Poached salmon with lime-coriander mayonnaise
Smoked trout
Yogurt and fruit salad
Caprese salad with basil pesto
Caesar salad with chicken strips, croutons, boiled egg and Parmesan cheese
Mini coffee sandwiches
Rustic bread, nut bread and mini buns

Number of personsPrice p.p.
30-49 persons€ 58,00 p.p.
50-74 persons€ 56,00 p.p.
75-99 persons€ 54,00 p.p.
100-149 persons€ 53,00 p.p.
150 and more€ 49,00 p.p.



Lunchbuffet Admiral Class

(served at the table)

Salad with scampi, capers and lime vinaigrette
Sirloin steak with Vintage port sauce, pommes gratin and seasonal vegetables
Salmon fillet with dill sauce, broccoli gratin and seasonal vegetables

Heavenly mud with fresh whipped cream and white chocolate chips

Number of personsPrice p.p.
30-49 persons€ 64,00 p.p.
50-74 persons€ 58,00 p.p
75-99 persons€ 55,00 p.p
100-149 persons€ 54,00 p.p
150 and more€ 52,00 p.p



Extras with your trip?

Extras can be added in the next step of the reservation proces.

Drinkpackage 1€ 8,00 p.p.

We serve coffee, tea and milk as desired during the tour.


Drinkpackage 2€ 15,00 p.p.

We serve coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, soft drinks, water,lager and our red, white and rosé house wine.