Day packages in combination with the American school bus

Trip duration: 1 till 3,5 hour
Board from: In consultation
From € 365,00

Stiphout Tours & Trips has a beautiful American "Chicago" school bus that you can hire to transport your guests in an original way to various locations in and around Maastricht. After many years of taking children to school, now it's your turn to get to know this unique school bus, with its tough look and striking yellow colour. There is room for 44 guests in the school bus.


American School Bus Charter Prices
You can charter our school bus by the hour. The costs for chartering are as follows
Costs 1st hour € 365,00. Costs follow-up hours € 140,00 per hour
Waiting hours €75,00


City-Tour Maastricht including tourist information guide
Discover Maastricht in an American school bus during an approximately 1,5-hour tour, during which you can get to know both historic and modern Maastricht in a comfortable and original way. The route takes you past the old city walls, beautiful churches, the cozy Wyck district, the new architecture district Céramique, the Government Building, St. Pietersberg, the Market and the Vrijthof. We also drive through the Jekerdal, on Belgian territory, and past the beautiful Chateau Neercanne. During the ride, a tourist information guide explains the sights that are passed.

The costs for chartering your own school bus  for this approximately 1,5-hour tour including an experienced guide are € 495,00


City-Tour & visit Kanne caves and beer tasting or cave tasting
This program starts with an approximately 1-hour tour through Maastricht with a tourist information guide. We then drive to the Belgian town of Kanne for a tour of the caves, including a visit to the storage depot of Kanne's cave beer. After this underground walk you can taste this delicious beer in a unique ambiance. It is even more fun to opt for a cave tasting. In addition to the cave beer, you can enjoy small snacks related to the caves at various locations in the cave, such as cave beer, cave cheese and sausage.
The total duration of this program is approximately 3.5 hours and the costs are €39,50 p.p. (minimum 35 persons)


City-Tour & visit winery Hoeve Nekum
An approximately 1-hour tour through Maastricht accompanied by an experienced guide, followed by a visit to the Hoeve Nekum winery, including a tour and wine tasting.
The total duration of this program is approximately 3,5 hours and the costs are as follows; Charter your own bus including an experienced guide €37,50 p.p. (minimum 35 persons)