General information

All Group reservations will be confirmed by us in writing, by fax or by email. Please sign the duplicate of the order confirmation and return it to us.

General Conditions
These ‘General Conditions’, among which the “CBRB/VNPR personenvervoercondities voor de binnenvaart” and the “Uniforme Voorwaarde Horeca UVH”, apply to all activities. Our “General Conditions” have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Maastricht on November 30th 1993, under number 028814. At your request we will send you or hand over these conditions at our expense and without delay.

Cancellation insurance
If you made reservations and there is a chance that you need to cancel these for compelling reasons; a cancellation insurance can be beneficial. Therefore we advise you to consider taking out such cancellation insurance. We can offer you the cancellation insurance from the Europeesche Verzekerings Maatschappij NV.

The costs of this cancellation insurance are 3.5% of the contract sum, plus € 3.50 policy costs. Assurance tax of 7.5% will be charged based on the total amount. We charge an administrative fee of € 12.50 when you take out cancellation insurance.

Change in number of persons
You can change the number of people within a margin of 10% of the number specified, up to 2 days prior to your activity. Changes that exceed this margin need to be communicated at the latest 14 days prior to your activity. If on the reserved date, the number of people turns out to be lower than the number previously communicated, the number last communicated will be charged for both the activity and the catering.

All payments need to be made in cash prior to departure or start of your activity, unless agreed otherwise. We will send you an advance bill with the order confirmation for activities that are charged afterwards together. Invoice payment needs to be completed within 14 days after invoice date.

All prices are subject to change and include VAT.