Brunch & Lunch cruises

Our passenger ships are luxurious and comfortable, and one could rightfully refer to these ships as ‘sailing restaurants’. The ships are frequently used for brunches, lunches, receptions and other festive gatherings, during which a lot of attention is paid to the culinary aspect, in addition to the cruise itself.

Brunch Cruise

A 2-hour cruise on the Maas with your own ship, during which we serve a delicious brunch buffet.

Brunch Cruise

Fried bacon
Veal Sausages
Smoked ham
Pork filled with mixed herbs
Smoked Salmon
Dutch cheese
Mixed buns and bread sorts
Bread and butter

Lunch Cruise

A 2-hour boat trip on the river Maas with your own ship, during which we will serve an excellent lunch buffet or lunch menu. During the trip we will pass the new city area of Céramique with the striking Bonnefanten museum tower, the government building (where the treaty of Maastricht was signed) and the slopes of Mount St. Pieter.

We will serve a buffet or menu of your choice.

Lunch buffet Captains Class

Vegetable Soup
small meat balls in a peanut sauce
Cooked ham
Ardennes ham with melon
Fine pates
Smoked trout
Dutch cheese
Bread and rolls

Lunch menu Admiral Class

(served at your table)

Salad with smoked salmon
Guiney-fowl with a tarragon sauce
Pommes gratin
Vegetables of the season
Cheese platter
crème brulée

Lunch buffet Royal Class

Cream of mushroom soup
Veal stew
Cooked ham
Roasted roast beef
Pork fillet with mixed herbs
Seasonal Pate
Norwegian shrimp
Smoked Salmon
Cheese Plateau
Bread and rolls

Number of people Brunch Cruise Lunch Captains Class Lunch Admiral Class Lunch Royal Class
30-39 people € 43,50 € 41,50 € 45,50 € 47,50
40-49 people € 42,50 € 40,50 € 44,50 € 46,50
50-59 people € 41,50 € 39,50 € 43,50 € 45,50
60-69 people € 40,50 € 38,50 € 42,50 € 44,50
70 people or more € 39,50 € 37,50 € 41,50 € 43,50

If you choose the mps. “Belvédèrevallei”, you’ll receive a 10% discount on aforementioned prices. We can’t serve the Lunch Cruise Admiral Class onboard of the mps. “Belvédèrevallei”.

Extension of the trip:

It is possible to extend your trip with one or more hours. In this case, we will pass the lock of Ternaaien (if possible). Within a period of 5 minutes, the boat will be hoisted 15 meters up from the Maas to the Albert canal. Rates amount to € 450.00 for each additional hour . (mps. “Belvédèrevallei” € 250.00 for each additional hour.)

Beverage package:

Beverages during brunch and lunch cruises are not included in the package price and shall be charged afterwards. You can also choose a beverage package including a welcome cocktail and other beverages on request (excl. strong alcoholic beverages). The price amounts to € 13.75 for 2 hours and € 6,00 for each extended hour.

Combi arrangements

Expand your boat trip in advance with the below listed possibilities, at these special rates

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