Moonlight Cruises (all inclusive)

A party night aboard of one of our passenger ships is a unique event. The guests are welcomed by the captain and his crew. After serving a welcome cocktail, sails will be raised and the guests will see Maastricht from an entirely different angle. Drinks are served on request during the cruise and preparations are made for an extensive buffet. For these party nights, we can offer you a number of ready-made packages. The choice of the passenger ship depends on the size of your group. Although the packages vary in size and composition, they do have similarities:

- You will enjoy a moonlight cruise on a passenger ship exclusively booked for your group.
- The cruise will last 4 hours and you can determine your departure and arrival time.
- If possible, we’ll pass the lock of Ternaaien during the cruise, with a height difference of 15 meters.
- We will welcome you on board with a welcome cocktail.
- Other beverages are served on request, exclusive of foreign distilled drinks.
- We will present a cold and hot buffet on a time specified by you.
Minimum group size for these packages is 45 persons.
The entertainment is not included in the price, we are happy to arrange this for you.

The Cruise of Bonhomme € 59,95

A tribute to the famous shipping company of Maastricht, family Bonhomme who in the 19th and beginning  of the 20st century organized boat trips to Liège.

Buffet Bonhomme

Italian bread with aioli and tomato  tapenades
Green and black olives
Croustade with Parma ham
Small mozzarella balls
Scampis with garlic

Warm buffet
Marinated chicken in a peanut sauce with baked onions and rice
Fish skewer with pasta and a sauce of sun dried tomatoes
Vegetables of the season
Bread rolls and butter

The Cruise of Willem Barentsz € 63,00

4 hour cruise with festive beverages and a delicious buffet.

Buffet Willem Barentsz

Our crew serve 2 small starters
Carpaccio from beef
cream of courgette soup with smoked eel
Main course buffet

Pork fillet  with a mushroom sauce
Victoria perch with seasonal vegetables
Potato Slices prepared with cream and topped with old cheese
Caesar salad with smoked chicken and Parmesan cheese

Tex Mex Cruise € 65,00

Enjoy a 4 hours cruise on the river Maas and  surprising streetfood dishes

Nachos with salsa sauce and guacomole
American sliders (traditional small hamburgers)
Pizza slice (different sorts)
Pita bread filled with pulled chicken
Fish & chips
Mini donut and cheesecake with chocolat sauce

Cruise Maritime € 69,50

Join us on our voyage and enjoy an extensive hot and cold buffet with dishes from all around the world.

Buffet Maritime

Cold dishes
Roasted turkey breast with fresh pineapple
Schwarzwalder schinken
Sliced roast beef with Parmesan cheese shavings
Smoked trout with  lemon mayonaise
Smoked pepper mackerel on a bed of rocket salad
Marinated salmon with dill and capers
Tomato salad with  feta cheese and red onions
Seasonal Salads and sauces
Mixed bread rolls and butter

Hot dishes
Whole roasted rib eye  with a sauce of fresh herbs
Salmon with a dill-Pernod sauce
Vegetable of the season

Cruise La Dolce Vita € 69,50

Cruising and enjoying an Italian ambiance

Buffet La Dolce Vita

Cold dishes
Vitello tonnato
Parma ham with melon
Rucola salad with parmesan cheese and pesto
Romano salad with chorizo, apple and walnut oil
Pasta salad
Scampi in a garlic sauce
Pomodoro tomatoes with Mozzarella
Bruschetta with tomato and basil
Vegetable antipasta
Focaccia, ciabatta  and aioli

Hot dishes
Minestrone soup
Lasagna Bolognese
Mix of grilled vegetables
Risotto funghi
Rosemary potatoes
A glass Limoncello to finish the buffet

Bits & Bites € 73,00

If you don’t like to have a buffet but still enjoy a nice meal, the this cruise a good choice. Our waiters serve the dishes from trays.

Carpaccio from veal with pesto
Carpaccio from salmon with a lemon mayonaise
Courgette soup with salmon
Salad with smoked chicken
Skewer with pork, vegetables and small potatoes
Beef braised Maastricht style with fries
Pasta with scampi’s
Quiche Lorraine
Hamburger with garnish
Scampi skewer
Mushroom filled with ratatouille and mozzarella
Shrimps cocktail
Ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach
Chicken sate
Cheese platter with rye bread and nuts
Mousse au chocolat
Crêpe Suzette
Cone with sorbet ice-cream

Dessertbuffet à € 9,95

A dessert as a festive conclusion of your buffet


Mousse au chocolat
Ice Cream
Fresh fruit salad
Mini pastries
Crème brulée

Le Marché Nautique € 82,00

Dinner in buffet style. This is the best way to describe this cruise. We’ll serve a glass of Prosecco as aperitif and after departure the guests can compose their own dinner at the buffets.

Starter buffet
Lettuce soup with Turkey
Terrine of poultry
Pork fillet with herbs and tutti frutti
Tuna with wasabi crème
Smoked Norwegian salmon with capers and cocktail sauce
Salad with smoked trout with dill mayonnaise
Caprese salad with mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto
Salad with spring onions and serrano ham
Fresh baked dinner rolls and butter

Main course buffet
Pan-fried veal steak with a truffle sauce
Fried cod fillet with a Noilly  Prat  sauce
Roseval  potatoes with sea salt and thyme
Spaghetti aglio olio
Vegetable Garnish

Dessert buffet
Cheese platter
Mini pastries
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolat mousse

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